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A taxonomic database to all flesh flies

By Thomas Pape
Records:  2819 Images: 9576
Subfamilies:  3      
Genera:  117
Subgenera: 221
Species:  2818
Welcome to my taxonomic database to the flesh flies of our planet.

My aim is to provide information on the taxonomy, distribution and natural history for all flesh flies with a valid scientific name, and in particular to provide pictorial information in a consistent format that will facilitate species-level identification. For identification of genera it is recommended to consult relevant regional Diptera manuals. This database is not a nomenclator and you will not find any synonymies. The relevant nomenclature is authoritatively covered by Systema Dipterorum ( Also, this is not a specimen database, and distribution is entered at a country level with the larger countries broken down to state or province.

I warmly encourage everybody to send corrections or updates to me ( I am especially interested in high-quality photographs of both museum specimens and live ones.
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